A Frenchman in New York (Darius Milhaud, 1962)

Darius Milhaud composed his Frenchman in New York
in 1962, after a visit to the Big Apple.
Arthur Fiedler made the only LP recording of the work
for RCA two years later. The LP had of course Gershwin’s
American in Paris on the reverse, but has unfortunately
been available only very shortly.


1 The Bohemian girl overture (Balfe)  8.32

2 The entertainer (Joplin)  3.28

Pasquale Cardillo, clarinet

3 The easy winners (Joplin)  3.33

4 Java (Friday-Toussaint-Tyler)  2.10

Al Hirt, trumpet

5 Strike up the band! (Gershwin)  2.49

6 An American in Paris, 1928 (Gershwin)  16.46


A Frenchman in New York, Suite symphonique opus 399 (Milhaud)

7 New York with fog on the Hudson River  4.17

8 The cloisters  4.59

9 Horse and carriage in Central Park  3.35

10 Times Square  3.31

11 Garden on the roof  4.15

12 Baseball in Yankee Stadium  3.29


13 Hora staccato (Dinicu)  2.14

TT 63.45 min.


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